This usage policy applies to all digital products on the “Money Pulses” website. For convenience, the policy is written in the masculine form, but it equally applies to both men and women. The use of the site, its contents, and the services provided on it, are offered to you subject to your acceptance of all the terms included in this policy.

Browsing the site and/or registering as a free or paid subscriber to its services will be considered as your agreement to these terms.

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The website management reserves the right to update the terms of this policy from time to time.

It is prohibited to use the site or its tools for any unlawful purposes.

It is forbidden to register another person without their consent and/or without their presence during the registration process and after all the terms of this policy have been explained to them.

The registration on the site is for the personal and exclusive use of the user, who is not allowed to transfer their usage rights to any other person. It is especially important to provide accurate personal details required for registration and for maintaining ongoing contact with the subscriber.

Paid registration for the various information products and courses on the site is intended for private use only, and login details must not be shared with another person who is not a paid subscriber.

It is prohibited to publish or transmit via the site any information that is false, offensive, defamatory, threatening, infringing on others’ privacy, pornographic, sexually explicit, racist, or unlawful.

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you publish or transmit via the site. The website management does not accept any responsibility for content published or transferred between subscribers.

Commercial use of the site, including sending advertisements or any other means, is prohibited.

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The website management intends that the site and its services be available at all times. However, the website management cannot guarantee uninterrupted, fault-free availability, and it reserves the right to suspend use of the site from time to time for maintenance and organization. No monetary compensation or credit will be given due to faults or service interruptions.

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Copying and transferring information from the site to another site under your name is prohibited.

Sharing your personal access details after payment constitutes a violation of the site’s laws and may result in legal action and monetary compensation.

Participation in any business activity outside the site is contingent on full compliance with the terms, including payment. Self-promotion is prohibited within site responses unless the details are requested by the site owners.

Any comment sent via email or written on the site may be published under your full name. You can request to remove the publication at any time.

You may not operate or enable the operation of any computer application or any other means, including Crawlers, Robots, and the like, for searching, scanning, copying or automatic retrieval of content from the site. In this regard, you may not create or use such means to create a collection, compilation, or database containing content from the site.

You may not display content from the site without explicit written permission, nor display content from the site within a visible or hidden frame.

You may not use the graphical files on the site.

The site management will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of links to the site.

In certain cases, there may be errors resulting from the use of third-party information, if such a mistake has occurred, the site does not bear responsibility for your personal use of the content.

The contents on the site are provided as they are and are not individually customized for every person. The use of content is entirely at your risk.

The site management can change the appearance of the site and the content provided on it from time to time, and you are aware that digital products may change/be deleted from the site.

If payment for the products is not made, the site management has the right to discontinue the use and remove you from the internal system.

The site management is not responsible for the content of advertisements, banners, or any promotional material on the site. The responsibility for this lies solely with the advertisers.

The presence of links to other websites does not constitute a guarantee for the content on these sites in terms of their reliability, completeness, or any other aspect.